Each person can carry 1 (one) piece of hand luggage. The hand luggage should not be heavier than 8 kgs, and the dimensions should not exceed 55 x 35 x 25 cm.

On all Corendon Airlines’ flights (Holland and Belgium flights excluded) a limit for baggage and suitcases transported in the cargo hold (hand baggage excluded) is applicable to a total weight of:

- If reservations are made via a tour operator: not more than 20 kgs,

- If reservations are made via corendonairlines.com:

Flex tariff: 20 kgs

Premium tariff: 30 kgs

Eco tariff: no free baggage right.

If desired baggage right can be booked on  http://www.fly.corendon.com 

For flights arriving on, or departing from Izmir, baggage right is applicable based on the flight tariff:

Flex Tariff: 30 kgs,

Eco Tariff: no free baggage right

Even if you have booked and paid the extra baggage fee, 1 (one) piece of baggage should not be heavier than 32 kg. With this rule in mind the total baggage weight of one passenger can be packed in one, or more suitcases.
Not-labelled and non-standard baggage, noticed while boarding the plane, is subject to a penalty fee.

Passengers’ baggage should contain clothing. Valuable documents, money, jewelry, electronic devices, explosive or leaking goods should not be carried in the baggage.

Babies (younger than 2 years) do not have free baggage right, or a free seat. Only on flights, arriving or departing from Germany and Austria, babies have 10 kilo baggage right. Babies do not have the right to hand baggage. However, a bag with diapers and baby food is allowed on the condition that the dimensions are the same as hand baggage. The cabin crew will supply free hot water for powdered baby food. A total of 10 bottles of ready baby food is allowed in the cabin in 100 cc bottles or cups.

For each baby just 1 (one) baby carriage, or buggy (for twins a twin stroller), or just 1 (one) baby seat can be carried free of charge in the hold compartment.

For safety reasons baby seats and carriers are not allowed in the cabin, because they can not be secured in place.

Free of charge transportation of a second baby carriage, or a baby carriage and a baby seat is possible. However, the weight of one of these devices will be deducted from the allowed total baggage weight of the accompanying passenger. The transportation of a travel cradle is free of charge, however, the weight of it will be deducted from the baggage weight. If the weight of the baggage right is exceeded, then the airport fees for extra baggage will be charged. We advise to book extra baggage weight prior to the flight.

Children older than 2 (two) years are not considered as a baby. They travel on a booked seat and the transportation of diapers, food, carriages, buggies, or seats is not free of charge, but part of the baggage right.
Please ensure that your baggage is labelled with your end-destination!

After arrival at the airport of destination, or during a stopover, it is each passenger’s responsibility to collect the baggage as soon as possible from the conveyor belt. Only the passenger whose name is mentioned on the baggage tag can collect the baggage.

On Corendon Airlines flights, the fees given below are applicable to special personal baggage. If the allowed weight is exceeded then for each extra kilo € 7,00 is charged. The actual allowed baggage weights can be checked at  servicecenter@corendon-airlines.com or at the call center. Only by filling and submitting the Special Requests Application Form you can ask permission for transportation of excess weight.

Tariff for Wide Seat
WEST EUROPE €7  *€17 / €15**  €10
EAST EUROPE €5 €5 €5
RUSSIA €8 *€17 / €15** €10
IRAN $7 $15 $10
ISRAEL $7 $5 $5
€8 $15 $10
PET IN CABIN ***20 EURO / 30 EURO****


*applicable to first row seats 1 abc – 2 def

**applicable to seats at centre exits – rows 16/17

***applicable to all destinations (excluding flights from or to the Netherlands)

****applicable to flights departing from or arriving at destinations in the Netherlands

*We would like to remind that all passengers (who have bought an ECO plane ticket online), arriving to or departing from Holland, Belgium and Germany, need to pay a transportation fee for all their baggage (hand luggage excluded).

*The standard baggage entitlement for Corendon Airlines flights may differ depending on the tour operator and the flight’s destination.

Your tour operator can inform you about the baggage entitlement for the flight you have booked.

* You can book your extra baggage up to 5 hours before the departure of your flight. If you
wish to book baggage less than

5 hours prior to the departure of your flight, then you can only do so at the airport.

*This is applicable to package travel and seat-only passengers.

*This is applicable to Corendon Airlines flights departing from or arriving in the Netherlands. (Does not apply to
other airports)

* The limit for baggage purchased online has been raised to 80 kg.

Website kgs→
Airport kgs↓
0 kg 20 kg 30 kg 40 kg 50 kg 60 kg 70 kg 80 kg
0-20 kgs € 32 - - - - - - -
21-30 kgs € 45 € 28 - - - - - -
31-40 kgs € 55 € 38 € 25 - - - - -
41-50 kgs € 65 € 48 € 35 € 25 - - - -
51-60 kgs € 75 € 58 € 45 € 35 € 25 - - -
61-70 kgs € 85 € 68 € 55 € 45 € 35 € 25 - -
71-80 kgs € 95 € 78 € 65 € 55 € 45 € 35 € 25 -
Special Baggages
Bicycle Weight plus baggage kilos are used to calculate total fee
Surfboard Weight plus baggage kilos are used to calculate total fee
Canoe Weight plus baggage kilos are used to calculate total fee
Diving Equipment Weight plus baggage kilos are used to calculate total fee
Golf Equipment Weight plus baggage kilos are used to calculate total fee
Inflatable boat Weight plus baggage kilos are used to calculate total fee
Bodyboard/Skiing Equipment Weight plus baggage kilos are used to calculate total fee
Paragliding Equipment Weight plus baggage kilos are used to calculate total fee
Glider Equipment Weight plus baggage kilos are used to calculate total fee
**AVIH € 40
**PETC € 30

**This is not applicable.
*In accordance with previous announcements: Items and equipment considered as Special Baggage and to which special fees are applicable can now be booked and paid for by weight.

Example: A passenger carries one piece of baggage and 1 bicycle. In the old situation, a baggage entitlement was booked and paid for the weight of the baggage, and and a transportation fee of € 25 was paid at the check-in counter for the bicycle. Now, the baggage weight and the weight of the bicycle are added together and the passenger purchases

*Where flights arrive in or depart from Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Russia-Poland (for which an ECO ticket was booked online) and no baggage is carried, the fees mentioned below are applicable.

*A maximum of 40 kg can be booked per passenger; more baggage requires the airline’s approval and is subject to payment.

* Only for destinations in Germany do babies have a 10 kg baggage entitlement.

Weight Online Price
Airport Price
0-20 kg €15,- €25,-
21-30 kg €25,- €40,-
31-40 kg €32,- €50,-
Airport price for excess baggage: € 7/kg

First of all we would like to apologize on behalf of the ground handling agency for any baggage irregularity such as damage, delay or loss during any Corendon Airlines flight. In such cases please contact the Lost & Found Office at the airport immediately and fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). Claims without a P.I.R. will not be accepted.

Damage or loss of baggage must be notified of immediately upon arrival at the airport of destination. Claims made later on should be in writing and be submitted within seven (7) days of the date mentioned on the baggage receipt, and in case of delayed arrival and delivery, the complaint must be made no later than within twenty-one (21) days of the date the baggage was delivered to the owner.

If the baggage is accepted without complaint, this is evidence that it has been delivered in good condition.
Since settlements by private insurance companies are usually more advantageous to passengers, please contact them in the first instance, because the insurance companies base the settlements on the value of your goods, whilst the indemnifications by Corendon Airlines are based on weight and are limited to a one-way ticket price which has also to be documented.

To help us process your claim quickly, please enclose a copy of the Property Irregularity Report provided to you at the airport, along with your baggage id tag, boarding card and copies of any relevant receipts. We strongly recommend that passengers retain all original receipts applicable to their baggage claim.

All claims must be supported by documented evidence of purchases or repairs made (e.g. receipts, invoices), a copy of your flight ticket or reservation, boarding card, baggage sticker, etc. Please note that the costs of obtaining and copying the required documents are not covered by Corendon Airlines.

Passengers are advised to take out their own insurance to cover the value of their baggage and its contents, particularly if it contains important, fragile or valuable items.

It is forbidden to carry in your baggage fragile or perishable items, items having a special value such as jewellery / money, precious metals, computers, personal electronic devices, music instruments, negotiable papers, medicines, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports, samples, other identification documents and dangerous items, such as firearms, ammunition and chemicals. Corendon Airlines shall not be liable for loss or damage of such items, nor shall it be liable for damage caused by such items.

Articles such as umbrellas, walking sticks, parcels, etc. may not be attached to checked-in baggage because they may cause damage.

Corendon Airlines will also not accept any responsibility for the damage or loss of protruding parts such as wheels, straps, pull handles or other items that are attached to baggage, or items lost as a result of badly packed baggage.

Corendon Airlines shall not accept any responsibility for personal belongings misplaced or forgotten onboard the aircraft or in the airport terminal. Any items left on board are forwarded directly to the lost property offices at the airport of destination.

Corendon Airlines shall not be responsible for any items missing from baggage.

Complaints/claims will only be accepted and handled by our Customer Care Department if submitted in English or Turkish language.

If your baggage does not turn up, you should go to the “Lost Goods” counter of the handling company at the airport, who will assist you in obtaining a PIR (Property İrregularity Report) regarding your lost baggage. This report, together with the documents listed below, should be sent to Corendon Havayolları Yer İşletme / Kayıp Eşya Birim. (Ground Operations / Lost & Found)

• Lost Baggage Report (P.I.R),

• Flight ticket and boarding card;

• Baggage tags stating baggage weight,

• Receipt for extra baggage fee

• Document indicating one-way flight ticket price for one person, if the price is not printed on the flight ticket
Corendon Airlines does not take any responsibility for baggage without tags, or baggage that is not checked in in the name of the ticket or boarding card holder.

If your luggage is damaged, you need to speak to the “Lost Goods” counter of the handling company at the airport and request a damage report. This damage report and the documents listed below should be sent to Corendon Havayolları Yer İşletme / Kayıp Eşya Birim.(Ground Operations / Lost & Found)

• Damaged Baggage Report (PIR Report),

• Flight ticket,

• Boarding card,

• Baggage tag of the damaged baggage,

• If your baggage can be repaired, a repair invoice from the repair shop,

• If your baggage is irreparable, a statement from the repair shop that the original luggage is irreparable and estimated value and age of the original luggage,

• Purchase invoice of your baggage,

• Photos of the damaged baggage,

• Document indicating flight ticket price, if the price is not printed on the flight ticket.

Should you need to make a claim, you can contact Corendon Airlines at:
Corendon Airlines
Customer Care Department

Güzeloluk Mah. 1879. Sok. No : 148

Which items are considered dangerous goods?

In conformity with the current regulations and due to the risk it inflicts on the flight safety, it is forbidden for passengers to carry dangerous goods (with a few exceptions) on board of the aircraft.

To the category of dangerous goods belong: explosive, flammable and burnable matter, oxidizing material and organic peroxides, abrasive, contagious and poisonous substances, radioactive matter and lithium batteries, environment polluting and magnetizing matter.

The below mentioned dangerous goods, are allowed for transportation by the passenger under certain conditions. Besides these conditions the national and international restrictions should be respected (such as custom regulations and restrictions on the transport of liquids). For more information please contact info@corendon-airlines.com.

For safety reasons the authorities are authorized to open and inspect baggage that is transported as cargo. In such circumstances, Corendon Airlines is not liable for any damage to the baggage, even if it is locked

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Not allowed on board
Paralyzing objects Electroshock weapons, pepper spray Not allowed on board
Cases and bags with an explosive mechanism Attaché-cases Not allowed on board
Devices and bottles with liquid oxygen Not allowed on board
Liquids and drinks with more than 70% alcohol Not allowed on board
Fuel containing motors and equipment Electric saw, grassmower Not allowed on board
Firework Not allowed on board
Flammable matter Lighter gas, gascontainers, paint, oil, gas, fuel Not allowed on board
Abrasive, oxidizing or poisonous matter Cleaning powder and liquids, chemicals, bleach Not allowed on board
Pressurized containers
Fire extinguisher, carbondioxide container Not allowed on board
Wet Battery
Car battery, WCH battery Not allowed on board
Containers with gas or feul
Camping gasbottle Not allowed on board (if empty it may be transported as *checked-in baggage info@corendon-airlines.com has to give approval
Ammunition Safety ammunition, for sport or defence use Not allowed on board (if empty it may be transported as *checked-in baggage info@corendon-airlines.com has to give approval
Liquid containing thermometers and barometer May only be transported by meteorology officials Can be transported as handbaggage info@corendon-airlines.com has to give approval
Liquid containing medical thermometer
On a battery working wheelchair, or walking equipment
Wheelchairs working on a non-spillable gel, or lithium battery can be transported on board of the aircraft One item inside a protection case may be transported as *checked-in luggage, in the hand baggage, or may be **personally carried by the passenger
If the apparatus is foldable it is allowed in the cabin, otherwise it is transported as cargo
info@corendon-airlines.com has to give approval
Heat-generating equipment Diving torches, batteried welding equipment Can be transported in the hand baggage or as *checked-in baggage info@corendon-airlines.com has to give approval
Medical equipment with lithium battery AED, CPAP, POC, Nebulizer, Respirator Can be transported as*checked-in baggage, or in the hand luggage, or is carried **personally by the passenger
info@corendon-airlines.com has to give approval
Medizinische Geräte mit Lithium-Batterie AED, CPAP, POC, Vernebler, Atemschutzmasken Kann als * eingechecktes Gepäck oder im Handgepäck transportiert werden oder wird vom Passagier persönlich getragen info@corendon-airlines.com has to give approval
Alcoholic drinks Can be transported as*checked-in baggage, or in the hand luggage, or up to 5 kg may be carried **personally by the passenger Other restrictions should be taken into consideration
Cooling sport sprays and air fresheners Up to 2lt can be transported (in 500 ml spraycontainers) in the aircraft’s cargo compartment Other restrictions should be taken into consideration
Kosmetic Goods
Deodorant, parfum, hairspray Up to 2 lt (in 500 ml containers) can be transported as *checked-in baggage, or in het hand luggage, or may be **personally carried
Other restrictions should be taken into consideration
(self inflatable) life-jackets
Will be transported as*checked-in baggage, or in the hand luggage, or is
carried **personally by the passenger
info@corendon-airlines.com has to give approval
Lithium-ion batteries of
Batteries over 160wh are not allowed in the aircraft Max. two batteries may be carried in the hand luggage or **personally info@corendon-airlines.com has to give approval
Battery charged equipment
12V batteries and 100 Wh lithium batteries, containing no more than2 grs of lithium
May be carried in hand baggage of **personally by the passenger if separately packed
Extra spare batteries Sızdırmaz batarya değerleri 12V ve 100Wh / lityum batarya değerleri 100wh ve 2gr lityum ağırlığını geçmeyecek şekilde olan bataryalar Sadece el bagajında veya **kişinin üzerinde birbirine temas etmeyecek şekilde taşınabilir.
Trockeneis-Kohlendioxid Bis zu 2,5 kg pro Person können als * eingechecktes Gepäck oder im
Handgepäck transportiert werden
info@corendon-airlines.com Zustimmung einholen
Dry ice –carbondioxide Liquid nitrogen, insulated cooling containers Is transported as *checked-in baggage, or in the hand luggage info@corendon-airlines.com Zustimmung einholen
Matches and lighters Excluded Blue flame lighters The passenger may **personally carry 1 item
Electronic smokes Electronic cigarettes and cigars May be carried **personally by the passenger, or in the hand luggage. It should be safety locked to prevent that it will turn on. The max. 100 Wh battery may contain no more than 2 grs of lithium. Use of these devices during the flight is forbidden.

*Checked-in baggage – baggage that was checked-in and is transported in the cargo compartment.
**Personally carried baggage – luggage that is carried by the passenger in his hand, in his pocket or attached to his body.

In addition to the list of dangerous goods above, the following articles must not be carried on board in the hand baggage:

• Toy- or replica guns (plastic or metal)

• Catapults

• Household cutlery, such as sharp knives and forks

• Knives with blades of any length

• Razor blades

• Scissors